Levantine Cultural CenterThe Sultans of Satire show has captivated audiences throughout Southern California since 2005, and ran for eight months at the Laugh Factory, with regional shows taking place in Orange County and Riverside (Dec. 2, 2007) and plans for a national tour shaping up for 2008. Says Jordan Elgrably, the show's creator, "Each of these comedians, though they come from cultures that are often in conflict, has come to really respect each other. They represent all the major religions and most of the Middle East and North Africa. The show uses humor and satire to convey a message of peace and unity among us all. After the events of 9/11 and the resulting vilification of most things Arab or Muslim, this has become the mission of Levantine Center."

These irreverent comedians spoof the "clash of civilizations" between "us" and "them", between America/the West and the Arab/Muslim East. They also have fun with culture, family and identity. They are funny people who also work steadily as dramatic/comedic actors in film, television and theatre.

Jordan Elgrably, who produces the show for Levantine Cultural Center, is the center’s cofounder and artistic director. He has been working as a cultural activist on behalf of Middle East peace, building relationships among diverse communities in Los Angeles, for more than a decade. His work as a producer includes dozens of world music concerts, literary arts programs and conferences. He is a frequent radio talk show guest and public speaker, as well as a longtime writer on arts, media and intercultural dialogue.

A portion of the show's proceeds benefit Levantine Center's programs for peace through arts.