Audience Feedback on the Show

As a first time attendee, I was a little surprised to see how understated the Levantine Center seemed from the outside. Once you stepped inside, the warmth of the place took over. The staff of the center is so welcoming and such wonderful hosts, they make you feel you belong there.

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"The comedians were great, funny and witty." —Florence Mattar, "Thank you. It was a great show...Mike and Peter were very funny. We had a good time, especially two of my friends who were new to stand-up comedy. Keep up the good work." — Zari Shayegh

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I absolutely loved it. I originally thought to myself, well, I know some of these people and they're super talented, but Middle Eastern stand-up? Could be redundant, which it wasn't AT ALL. Every single comic had a distinct routine. You have great info on your site...I'm wondering how you think the tide of Middle Eastern humor is headed in our post 9/11 society?

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Sultans of Satire at USC's Bovard Auditorium

I just want to congratulate you and the Levantine Center on a fantastic event. It was unbelievable to see faces from so many cultures joined together in joyous celebration. I’ve attended 100s of fundraising events put on by organizations representing the entire spectrum of causes, and I would put the Sultans of Satire up there with the best of them.

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Sultans of Satire 7

"Hello!! I attended the comedy event Friday night. I wanted to congratulated you! It was wonderful through and through. Of course, the Iranian comedians were outstanding Elham, Maz and Pete hit it home for most I talked with afterwards. Also, I really appreciated your loud response "WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS" in connection to your last comedian's joke about simple fear of the Palestinian individual." — Tina

Sultans of Satire 6

"We had an absolute blast, and, of course, will be back over and over again for the comedy in particular. Aron and Peter and Max have gotten better every time I've heard them, and I loved the Persian Princess!! We liked the venue a lot, perfect place for this kind of show. I brought eight people, because I think your comedy shows are so good...All in all, we loved it. I know that the people I brought will all be back for the next one." — Greta Hughes