"The comedians were great, funny and witty." —Florence Mattar, florencemattar.com. "Thank you. It was a great show...Mike and Peter were very funny. We had a good time, especially two of my friends who were new to stand-up comedy. Keep up the good work." — Zari Shayegh

"The show was awesome. I couldn't stop laughing...even on the drive home!!! An encore very soon, please!!" — Samira Kermani

"My wife and I had a good time and we'd like to go again." — Victor Kozaski

"Thank you—we all had a wonderful time. Please don't forget to let us know about the next Sultans show!" — Mike Fatorechi

"It was a great evening! Enjoyed the comedians, who were quite good. I believe that comedy is a wonderful way to cross barriers (making fun of ourselves) and it creates tolerance. Keep up the good work!" — Sharon Malca

"Personally, I would love to see some humor, of which there was some last night, which skewers the rich and powerful. If Groucho could do it in his movies and Raymond Chandler could do it in his detective mysteries, then I am sure good comedians can figure out how to do more of it the current period. Plus Mort Sahl (sp?) can do it with today's newspaper." — Dick Platkin

"Bravo! The comedians were good. The atmosphere was nice and friendly. Your intro was brief, funny, informative and to the point. I will certainly spread the news (I already have). Keep up the good work." — Jahan Ardalan

"My friends and I really enjoyed it – everyone had a positive experience I think. We definitely liked Peter the Persian the best (as did most people there I’m guessing) but overall it was a wonderful event and we were glad to come." — Ahilan Arulanantham