Sultans of Satire at USC's Bovard Auditorium

"I just want to congratulate you and the Levantine Center on a fantastic event. It was unbelievable to see faces from so many cultures joined together in joyous celebration. I’ve attended 100s of fundraising events put on by organizations representing the entire spectrum of causes, and I would put the Sultans of Satire up there with the best of them. I can’t wait for the next one." — Mike Johnson "Great job on an outstanding show this past Saturday!! We all had a blast!!" — Roya & Babak Poormand-Eskandari

"I very much enjoyed the Sultans of Satire comedy benefit. It was hilarious, smart and refreshing. I was very happy to support an event that brought out Middle-Eastern talent and positivity. You did a very good job. Wishing you all the best." — Rana Alamuddin

"Well done with the Comic Relief. We really enjoyed the show. I congratulate you on this successful turnout." — Andy Terani

"Congratulations on the show! The comedians did a great job and the audience was amazing." — Kat Haydarzadeh

"To the Man in the White Suit: Can't decide whether the turnout was comfortably heartwarming or thrillingly inspiring. You've qualified to walk on clouds for a while. Judy and I ran out of steam at 10:45, the middle of the intermission, and headed for home. But we're looking forward to the next Sultans. The lineup of talent was really interesting. And I made a sociological study of the disapproval of the rough language by a minority of the audience. You had to be over 30 to be bothered by it--over 30 and not familiar with standup comedy as it is today, i.e., not requiring network (read 'family') exposure to thrive. The standards of the Bill Cosbys are a thing of the past. HBO has no restrictions so young comics take the language of the street and the college dorm onto the stage. For those who don't have cable and don't hang out with an under-30 crowd, walking in on a show like this can be a culture shock. So that component of your audience last night had to have come up a notch or two in their social awareness." — Don Bustany

"Congratulations! Excellent show." — Todd Becraft