"I absolutely loved it. I originally thought to myself, well, I know some of these people and they're super talented, but Middle Eastern stand-up? Could be redundant, which it wasn't AT ALL. Every single comic had a distinct routine. You have great info on your site...I'm wondering how you think the tide of Middle Eastern humor is headed in our post 9/11 society? What I really want to know is...do the comics ever have heated political debates amongst themselves? Comics are always the most opinionated people and rightly so. Any funny anecdotes would be great as well." — Vida Ghaffari "Overall, the show was a lot of fun. It was different than any other comedy show I know. Even though I'm not immediately of Middle Eastern descent, I felt at home. The audience felt mixed, but the same—so in that respect, I guess the show was a success! I generally like going to shows with a number of comedians, so that if one isn't terrific, you know it's not forever. It works well obviously with the theme. Max Amini stood out for me as being the act where I laughed the most. He was energetic and put his whole face and body into it...I did enjoy Elham since I don't get out to see many comediennes, and I'm always up for girl power. I liked Peter and appreciated his gig. I like when people study something (like accents/languages) and use it in their act." — Sapphira