Vickie Rubinson Blogs on the Sultans of Satire

I was invited to my first ever all Arab comedy show at the Levantine Cultural Center in Los Angeles and every comic was superb—real pros.

I'm sure mothers all over the world from different nationalities can relate to the universal fear of not seeing their single daughters married by 40, as was the case with Palestinian American comedienne Marie-Thérèse Abou-Daoud whose overly protective Arab mother wouldn't mind her daughter traveling to the Gaza Strip to find a potential husband.

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Sultans of Satire puts the laugh in Laugh Factory

I recently went to an extremely engaging event called the Sultans of Satire stand-up comedy show with chock full of witty comics of Middle Eastern descent. This hilarious show is every second Thursday of the month at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, which is owned by Jamie Masada who is of Iranian descent.

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“Sultans of Satire” plans to lighten things up a bit

You know, the funny thing about the Middle East is ...

As comic premises go, following through on that line would seem to be about as tough an assignment as there is these days. Yet nearly a dozen comedians of Arab, Iranian, Turkish and Moroccan-Israeli heritage will take on the challenge Saturday night at USC's Bovard Auditorium, joining forces for "The Sultans of Satire," a showcase benefiting the Levantine Cultural Center, which explores Middle East and Mediterranean issues.

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