Nasry Malak

Nasry Malak

Nasry Malak is a stand up comedian/ actor/ writer who has been in the entertainment business for about twelve years. Trained in the art of acting and improvisation Nasry’s true strength comes from his quick wit and original material. He is constantly working on his craft by either writing or performing everyday. Nasry was recently featured in the movie “As Good As Dead”, and has just finished working on a TV pilot called “God Loves Me Best” which is currently being shopped around to all the major networks. Nasry has performed on, the motherload page, where his stand up comedy was turned into a very funny sketch called the ‘The Watchlist’. Nasry has written and starred in his own one person shows, ‘The Morning After Pill’ and ‘Preaching to the Choir’. He has been fortunate enough to work with Robert Smigel on a voice over for Saturday Night Live’s “TV Funhouse”. He has been featured in Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD and the Women’s Entertainment Channel’s “Three Men and a Chick Flick”. He was also asked to be on CNN and 20/20 in news segments with up and coming comedians. This year promises to be very rewarding as well. Nasry is planning a comedy tour throughout the United States. 

Maria Shehata

Maria Shehata

An Egyptian-American Comedian and Actress born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Maria Shehata’s unlikely blend of Mid-East and Mid-West brings to the stage a point of view that is hilarious, unique, and yet still universal. Maria’s stand up has been seen on Comedy Central’s “The Watch List”, “Just Like Us: The Movie”, and Showtime’s “Bridging the Gap”. Maria's has performed in numerous comedy festivals, such as the the Big Sky Comedy Competition, the New York Underground Comedy Festival, the New York Arab-American Comedy Festival, The Los Angeles Middle Eastern Comedy Festival, and the San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival. With her universal appeal, she has performed all over the world including Palestine, Qatar, and Paris. She has also entertained the US troops in Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Turkey and the Bahamas. Maria is one of six comedians featured in The Cradle of Comedy, an upcoming documentary that will air nationally in Australia.

Mona Shaikh

Mona Shaikh

Mona, a tomboy who grew up in Pakistan with four older brothers and as the only girl in the family, knew her passion and purpose in life at the age of 8 after seeing her favorite Bollywood actress, Madhuri Dixit, entertaining her audience with her wit, charm and beauty. However her conservative Pakistani Muslim upbringing would prevent her dream from becoming a reality for another 10 years. At the age of 18, Mona rebelled and found her freedom when she moved out of her family home in New Jersey and moved to the Big Apple to pursue her lifelong dream. Being a New York actor, she discovered the wonders of theatre and loved being a stage actress. After landing numerous stage gigs she was no longer limited to theatre but ended up becoming the global face of Kodak, a pharmacist for Walmart, an Indian mom for Cablevision and a businesswoman for Deutsche Bank, in addition to acting in various independent feature and short films. She performed her first open mic at Comix Comedy Club in NYC. She not only fell in love with stand-up there and then-she also brought the house down which marked the beginning of her stand-up career. Mona arrived in L.A. in January of 2011. She has since appeared on 90.7 KPFK as a female Muslim comic sounding off on the current Libya/Syria situation and has been performing stand-up all over town at Flappers Comedy Club and The Laugh Factory to name a few. With half her life spent in a prominent conservative Muslim household, and the second half lived as an independent woman immersed in American entertainment and culture, Mona has a unique perspective on the contrast and conflicts between both worlds. Her sense of humor integrates her unique perspective on religion, sex, politics and her personal life experiences into a blend that is all her own. 

Sammy Obeid

Sammy Obeid

Lebanese-Palestinian-Syrian-Italian-American born in Oakland California, Sammy Obeid graduated from UC Berkeley with a 3.9 GPA double major in Business and Applied Mathematics and then realized he was actually meant to do comedy. Oops. Recently appearing on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, advancing to the Las Vegas round, Sammy’s style has been described as ‘intelligent’, ‘inspiring’, and ‘a youthful perspective that reaches all ages.’ As the youngest member both of the national tours, CoExist Comedy and the Axis of Evil New Generation, Sammy has worked with Robin Williams, Russell Peters, Dana Carvey and more. He is also the founder of his own comedy enterprise, KO Comedy, as well as the first comedian to ever appear on the Food Network telling jokes. 

Sheno Khal

Sheno Khal

Sheno is a Sacramento native of Palestinian decent, pursuing a career in stand-up comedy, writing, and filmmaking. A relative comedic newcomer, Sheno has already made a name for himself opening for headliners such as Finesse Mitchell from Saturday Night Live and Kabeezy of The Outsourced Comedy Tour. He is a paid regular at Tommy T's comedy club in Sacramento and can often be found tearing up the stage at the Sacramento Comedy Spot, for both stand up and improv. He plans on continuing his passion for comedy in the Los Angeles area and beyond. 

Amir K (Amir Kamyab)

Amir K

Amir K is one of the fastest rising young comedians in Los Angeles. Born in Tehran, Iran and raised in Southern California, his comedy is a hilarious blend of character work, storytelling and improvisation shaped by a multi-cultural upbringing. Amir has been featured on DFDTV's live-laughs and has won the 100 comic Ultimate Laff-Down stand-up competition in Southern California. In 2010, Amir K won OC’s Funniest Stand-Up competition and was a finalist in NBC’s renowned Stand-Up for Diversity Showcase. With a relentless work ethic, Amir K performs nightly on stages all over the world with many of the most respected comedians in the business. Amir K was recently the winner of the new $20,000 Bay Area Comedy Competition held by Tommy T’s & KBLX radio and was selected out of thousands to perform in the 2012 CBS diversity showcase. When Amir is not touring he’s entertaining crowds at the top comedy clubs around Los Angeles including the world famous Comedy Store, Laugh Factory and Improv. Check Schedule page for more upcoming show dates. Also, make sure to check out Amir K in Ben Affleck’s “Argo”. 

Paul Elia

Paul Elia

Raised in Detroit Michigan, Paul's career started as a stand-in for Michael Imperioli onDetroit 187. During the show, Paul learned about the craft of acting from watching Imperioli on a day to day basis. After the show was canceled, Paul moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career as an actor. Paul jumped right into the business and has acted in several films in the California area. During this time, he found his way to an open mic and began doing stand up. Paul has performed in almost every club in Los Angeles and other surrounding areas. 

Fahim Anwar


Fahim Anwar is a Los Angeles-based standup comedian, actor and writer. Formerly an aerospace engineer at Boeing, Fahim traded the cubicle for the stage and has never looked back. His Afghan parents, however, plead with him to look back nearly every day. "Is comedy worth throwing your life away for?" Fahim says, yes!He has performed as one of the “New Faces” at the JUST FOR LAUGHS FESTIVAL in Montreal. Fahim is a regular in the L.A. comedy scene, and was a finalist at NBC-Universal's Stand-Up for Diversity Showcase. Fahim continues to write and star in his own series of Internet shorts and has had multiple shorts go viral, with many being featured on Break, Digg and Reddit.

Marie-Thérèse Abou-Daoud

Marie-Therese Abou Daoud

She is a Virgo...and yes she will be here often...born in the greatest city in the world, the Big Apple, Marie-Thérèse has been taking a bite out of life and art ever since. Acting, writing and playing piano from a very young age, she went on to study Theatre at Rutgers University. Continuing her education at HB studio and the New School, she then came to LA and fell in love...with stand up comedy. You thought she really fell in with a dude...yeah, we'll call that the school of life. Luckily, stand up does not disappoint. Having written and produced a few plays and one-woman shows, she has also worked as a free-lance writer. Check out the blog and feel free to comment. She enjoys good banter! When she's all out of words, you can catch her playing original scores on the piano or modeling for fashion photographers.

Having acted in plays and film, Marie-Thérèse always appreciates when her name is spelled correctly in the credits. She is looking forward to continuing and growing in this artist's life. Visit her site.

Jordan Elgrably

Jordan Elgrably

Jordan Elgrably is an Arab Jew whose father emigrated to the United States from France; his grandparents were Moroccans whose primary language of expression was Arabic. "I'm a Moroccan Jew," he says. "All my uncles and other male relatives were thugs, thieves and rapists. I am the first bookworm in the family, so you can imagine this is a tough legacy for me. In Israel they refer to Moroccans as 'marokai sakeen'; the Moroccans are famous for their knives, you see, which they use without much provocation. As an intellectual, I resent this stereotype. Uh, let me show you my knife."

Raya Meddine

Raya Meddine

Raya Meddine a.k.a Rana Alamuddin is a Lebanese-American actress and TV host who works between Beirut, Paris and Los Angeles. In the U.S, she has guest-starred in the TV show She Spies with Natasha Henstridge and appeared in a commercial with Milla Jovovich. One of Raya's most recent projects is Philippe Aractingi's award-winning feature film Bosta, which was Lebanon's official selection for this year's Oscars. Bosta was just released theatrically in France and will soon open in England, Spain, Japan and Canada. Among Raya's projects for 2007 are hosting the second season of the hit reality TV show Mission Fashion on LBC, as well as playing the female lead in the play To Hell with Meryl Streep at the Rond Point Theater in Paris. Raya speaks five languages and plans on making Hebrew her sixth.


FariborzTehran native Fariborz is a writer, producer, director, actor and radio and television host. He is the founder of The Express Group, Liquid Productions and Adam Films, and coproducer of the feature film "America So Beautiful", which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival. He executive produced "The Dog Walker" (L.A. Film Festival premiere), and is the writer-producer of "The 99 Cent Family", a theatrical play that has enjoyed over 85 performances internationally and is still running to sold-out performances in limited engagements. He is a first-prize winner of the Slamdance Screenwriter"s Competition for "The Apology", a politically charged thriller, based on real life Iranian expatriates. Visit his site

Joey Nibras

Joey NibrasJoey Nibras is proud to say he is a full blooded Chaldean. His roots go back to ancient Iraq. "Don't worry, I come in peace!" THE WACKY IRAQI as born Nibras Joseph Abboud/Kasmihkah. He started doing stand up comedy in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. His comedy takes on a unique flavor like peanut butter and falafel, due to his Middle Eastern heritage and charismatic personality. Joey integrates the conflicts of growing up in a Middle Eastern household with the current issues of today and breaks the myths and mysteries of his culture. He has taken controversial subjects and turned them into a humorous situations. His animated personality and face shines while on stage. His goal is to entertain and educate audiences about the differences in Middle Eastern cultures through laughter. Joey gives thanks to his dysfunctional family for their comedic inspiration. Joey is an actor, stand-up comedian, photographer, videographer, writer and filmmaker as well. "Just for the record, Joey is not responsible for the gas prices! You can blame all 150 of his uncles and cousins."

Maysoon Zayid

Maysoon ZayidMaysoon Zayid is an actress and professional standup comedian, who received her BFA in acting from Arizona State University. She has appeared on The World Turns, Law & Order , MTV, NBC Nightly News, CNN, ABC's 20/20, The New York Times, and Maysoon has performed comedy in top New York clubs, including The Improv, Caroline's, Gotham, and Stand-Up NY, and has toured her stand-up act extensively in both the USA and abroad. Maysoon was the first comedian to perform standup live in Palestine, performing in Nazareth, Haifa, Bethlehem, Ramallah, and Jerusalem. She is a graduate of The Hala Salaam Maksoud Foundation for Arab-American Leadership. She spends 3 months a year in Palestine where she runs art and wellness programs for disabled and wounded refugee children and orphans. She writes the biweekly column "The Palestinian American Princess's Guide to NYC". She is also co- founder and an executive producer of the New York Arab American Comedy Festival.

In the fall of 2006, she debuted her one woman show Little American Whore at LA's Comedy Central Space. L.A.W. was produced by Kathy Najimy and directed by Abby Marateck.

Marc Maron

Marc MaronMarc Maron is a stand up comic, actor, and writer who has appeared in countless clubs, in film, on various TV shows, and off-Broadway and is the author of Broadway Books' "The Jerusalem Syndrome" (based on his one-man show). While a stand-up comic by trade, his performance style is anything but the typical set-up-punchline formula. Maron engages his audience as a storyteller with an intelligence that digs deep into subjects, illuminating common truths that usually go unseen. There is a thought provoking excitement watching Maron take the risks of uncharted territory and riffing on subjects ranging from corporate domination of the planet to why the cooking channel is the only pure television. He always manages to ride that fine lineEngaging his audience as a storyteller, Marc is known for his incisive cultural and political commentary, mystical ruminations, and neurotic insights into human nature. Born in New Jersey and raised in Albuquerque, NM, Marc started his comedy career in the late 1980s in Hollywood, California, as a doorman at the famed stand up venue The Comedy Store. He has since lived in Boston, San Francisco, and New York City, where he co-founded possibly the first alternative comedy series, "Eating It", with friend and comedy star Janeane Garafalo at the Luna Lounge Club. Marc has appeared on just about every TV show that will allow comics, from The Late Show with David Letterman to Bill Maher's fomer show Politically Incorrect to Late Night with Conan O'Brien, where he is a special favorite. Marc lived in NYC until December 2005, moved back to LA and his wife Mishna Wolff. Currently Marc is developing a radio show in LA, together with comedian Jim Earl and producer Brendan McDonald.

Visit his site

Angelo Tsarouchas

AngeloBIG COMEDY, BIG TALENT, BIG THINGS—Larger than life, actor/comedian Angelo Tsarouchas is without question Canada's next "big thing." Dubbed "The Hitman of Hilarity", Angelo definitely exudes star power. His trademark mobster resemblance, burly size and no hold back attitude have put him in high demand on the global comedy stage as well as in television and film projects—on both sides of the border. More than just a mobster look-alike, Angelo's acting resume is highlighted with 10 feature films in the past 2 years—all of which have seen tremendous box office success. He has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Denzel Washington, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Marlon Brando, Edward Norton, Sylvester Stallone and Chris Rock. Some of Angelo's high-profile film credits include John Q, The Score, The Prince and Meand the critically acclaimed teen cult flick Harold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle. Angelo also appeared in Cinderella Man starring Russell Crowe and Renee Zelwegger (look for Angelo as New York Times reporter John Savage).

In addition, Angelo has recently signed a deal to develop his own film, which he has written and will be starring in—and the script is generating interest from some of Hollywood's industry big-wigs.

Aside from a budding film career, Angelo has seen much success on the international comedy circuit. He is one of Canada's most celebrated comics, selling out venues across the country. Angelo has taken his "in-your face" stand-up style all over the world including the famed Just For Laugh's comedy festival in Montreal, the Smirnoff Comedy Festival in Cape Town, South Africa, and the Paramount Comedy Festival in the U.K. He has performed at some of the top comedy clubs in New York, LA, London and Miami. Angelo also took his one-man comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2005. He recently was featured in a sold-out Sultans of Satire: Middle East Comic Relief show at USC. With a DVD and CD out entitled "It's All Greek to Me" which ranked in the top 100 downloads on Puretracks, "Big Ang" is clearly a star on the rise.

Visit and

Aron Kader

Aron KaderAron likes to thank his Palestinian father and Mormon mother for giving him so many reasons to be a comedian. After growing up partly in Utah but mostly in the Washington D.C. area Aron moved to Hollywood at nineteen years old to pursue comedy and acting. Known for his ability to talk about sensitive political and social subjects in his humor, as well as his ability to do impressions made him a stand out everywhere. Kader spent years in the legendary sketch theatre “The Groundlings” Sunday company and is a founding member of “The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour” which debuted on Comedy Central in 2007. He has toured nationally and internationally most recently in Middle East selling out twenty-seven shows throughout the region. He’s proud to be one of the only American comedians in history to go to Kuwait and not entertain the troops... he entertained Kuwaitis. He has also been seen on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend”, “The Shield,” on F/X, VH1, E!, CNN, and many others. Kader most recently became the first to teach a stand-up comedy class in Jordan and Dubai to help get the comedy scene going in the region. His students performed there amateur night showcase to packed crowds and some were accepted into the first ever comedy festival in the region in Amman, Jordan which is now annual. Aron is proud to say that some students are still pursuing the craft in their native language as well as opening up for him at shows from time to time.

Ahmed Ahmed

Ahmed AhmedA featured performer in Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show (30 cities & 30 nights), which was just purchased by TWC, he also appears in "Hollywood to the Heartland", a documentary concert road film that features Bret Ernst, Sebastian Maniscalco, John Caparulo, Justin Long Kier O'donnel, Jon Favreau, Dwight Yoakam and Peter Billingsley, in theaters in 2007. Along with Maz Jobrani and Aron Kader, Ahmed is part of "The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour", recently produced and taped by Robert Hartman with Levity Group Entertainment/Icon Concerts and Comedy Central (airing on Comedy Central in April 2007 with a DVD release to follow). Ahmed has the pleasure of being a paid regular at The World Famous Comedy Store. "It's my gym if you will," says Ahmed. "Comedians seek refuge in that place and slowly craft their art into success stories. If you ever want to catch the next level of rising comedy stars attend a show at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. I work with some of the funniest mother f!@..*ers around out right now. The Store is raw like it used to be back in the 80's when Richard Pryor, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams and Jay Leno were around." Ahmed has also appeared on MTV"s "PUNK'D" (2nd season), HBO"s "Tracey Takes on...", ABC"s "The View", CBS"s "Roseanne" and "JAG", FOX and Mad TV. Visit

Maz Jobrani

Maz JobraniMaz Jobrani is a regular cast member on the new ABC comedy "The Knights of Prosperity," premiering in January. The show revolves around a group of amateur thieves who try to subsidize their dreams by robbing Mick Jagger's apartment. In 2005 Maz was a regular on the Fox sitcom "Life on a Stick." He also played Secret Service Agent "Mo" in "The Interpreter," the Sydney Pollack film starring Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman.

Maz is best known for his r.ole as "Moly" in Ice Cube's "Friday After Next." He has also guest starred as "The Sikh" on the 2004 season finale of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" along with several other appearances on "Law and Order," "The West Wing," "NYPD Blue,""24," "Without a Trace," "Malcolm in the Middle," and many other shows. Maz played Glenn, Jennifer Garner's colleague, in last year's film "13 Going on 30."

Maz is currently on a standup comedy tour called "The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour" with 2 other Middle Eastern/American comics. (More info on the tour is available at The DVD special for this tour will be released in 2007. The show will also be shopped to Comedy Central as the first standup comedy show featuring only Middle Eastern/American comics.

Maz has done standup comedy on Comedy Central's "Premium Blend," CBS's "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," and England's Paramount 2 Channel. He performs standup comedy regularly at the Comedy Store and The Laugh Factory on Sunset. He also headlines at clubs all over the country including the Improvs and many of the top clubs in New York. Maz has headlined standup shows at Northwestern University, University of Illinois in Urbana and Washington State University. Maz's standup has been featured in Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, PBS and The CBS Morning Show.

Maz's sketch comedy work at the ACME Theater in Los Angeles has been called "devilishly funny" and "extraordinary" by the LA Weekly. NPR story. Maz's web site.


K-von As the star of MTV's hit show "Disaster Date" K-von's humor has made audiences laugh all over the world. His hilarious hidden-camera show displays his talents, each character proving funnier and more outrageous than the last. Currently, he works with as the spokesman/correspondent providing weekly videos on how you can protect yourself from fraud. And soon you'll see K-von on-screen as the 'Host' of Warner Bros. all new game show, working alongside cartoon icons like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and many more!On stage, K-von has become a crowd favorite as he pokes fun at himself, current events, and of course, the perils of growing up with a dad from the Middle-East, and a mom from Middle-America. Performing internationally as a headliner and hosting special events year round. He often shares the stage with comics like Maz Jobrani, Russell Peters, and Brad Garrett just to name a few. You can catch K-von on television in one of his many appearances, on his popular YouTube channel, or better yet, check him out live at an event near you.