Maz Jobrani

Maz JobraniMaz Jobrani is a regular cast member on the new ABC comedy "The Knights of Prosperity," premiering in January. The show revolves around a group of amateur thieves who try to subsidize their dreams by robbing Mick Jagger's apartment. In 2005 Maz was a regular on the Fox sitcom "Life on a Stick." He also played Secret Service Agent "Mo" in "The Interpreter," the Sydney Pollack film starring Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman.

Maz is best known for his r.ole as "Moly" in Ice Cube's "Friday After Next." He has also guest starred as "The Sikh" on the 2004 season finale of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" along with several other appearances on "Law and Order," "The West Wing," "NYPD Blue,""24," "Without a Trace," "Malcolm in the Middle," and many other shows. Maz played Glenn, Jennifer Garner's colleague, in last year's film "13 Going on 30."

Maz is currently on a standup comedy tour called "The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour" with 2 other Middle Eastern/American comics. (More info on the tour is available at The DVD special for this tour will be released in 2007. The show will also be shopped to Comedy Central as the first standup comedy show featuring only Middle Eastern/American comics.

Maz has done standup comedy on Comedy Central's "Premium Blend," CBS's "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," and England's Paramount 2 Channel. He performs standup comedy regularly at the Comedy Store and The Laugh Factory on Sunset. He also headlines at clubs all over the country including the Improvs and many of the top clubs in New York. Maz has headlined standup shows at Northwestern University, University of Illinois in Urbana and Washington State University. Maz's standup has been featured in Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, PBS and The CBS Morning Show.

Maz's sketch comedy work at the ACME Theater in Los Angeles has been called "devilishly funny" and "extraordinary" by the LA Weekly. NPR story. Maz's web site.