Peter the Persian (aka Peter Shahriari)

Peter Shahriari Better known as Peter the Persian, Peter Shahriari is one of the most established Iranian comedians in America. Born in Tehran, he's been performing around Los Angeles for over 10 years. He studied political science and law at the University of California, Los Angeles, and as a self-described comediologist, he brings a great deal of insight and intelligence to his onstage act. He was also a part of the Sultans of Satire comic relief project. Peter’s comedy centered on his Middle Eastern heritage, but he is also deemed an innovator by his peers when it comes to voices, character humor, and accents. He is a regular at many Los Angeles comedy clubs and he is no stranger to improvisation and just getting on stage to do his thing. Peter has also hit the road or rather, the airport in recent years, having been invited to entertain audiences across the globe. He hosted the comedy variety series “Zeus TV” and has become a favorite of the Levantine Cultural Center's satire/comedy series, The Sultans of Satire: Middle East Comic Relief.